An additional casino bonus is your advantage

Try you luck at the slot machines, you will have a chance to win something extra. Your chance of winning increases.

Playing only when there are free tournaments

Casinos offer a lot of interesting tournaments for extra cash or prizes or enter promotions or introduce cash back bonus on a slot machine according to the amount of the deposit. There is a large number of people who play only when such promotions are introduced. Why? Because this few percent advantage on machines can be partially offset because of this additional benefits.

In our opinion:
It is a very good idea. First of all, we have a chance for extra cash, wining high-end equipment or an exclusive tour. Additional bonuses statistically increase our chance of winning.

Only new slots

Many players have noted that in the case of new released slot machine a chance of winning is higher. When looking deeper in this idea there is something to it. Probably the casino to encourage players to new game will increase the winning chance by using the minimum possible margin.

The Jackpot hunter
Players who count only on a single life spin and receiving a jackpot usually apply the principle that they play only when a jackpot has not fallen a a given slot machine for a long time, and before is happened statistically every three months.

In our opinion:
According to the casinos this is not off a great significance. There may be a situation in which a jackpot does not fall for 6 months and than it will fall 2 times in two days. It is difficult to state it clearly but new players are often much more fortunate than ones who play often. Many wins falls in he first week of the deposit and the huge wins of 100 000 euro has fallen after investing just few euro.

Observation of the machine (only land casino)

Often, players watch other players who, for example within two hours they lost a large sum on the machine. They they start playing in he name of the principle that the machine should give back some of the money that it took in. I have a friend who has successfully applied this system in a casino in Las Vegas. He has never managed to win the big winnings, but 500-1000 USD wins did occur.

Casinos say that it does not matter because the machines are interrelated and some machines wins may fall more often than on others.