History of Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular card game often called “Bond’s game”, because famous English Agent 007 played it in many of his adventures. Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games, its name derives from a word similar in meaning to “zero” - zero is value of tens, queens, jacks and kings in this game.

Origin of Baccarat
An origin of this game is not so clear. Legend says that the ancient Etruscan between 900 and 800BC on the territory of present-day Tuscany, during one of their rites practised elements of this game, it is considered to be the precursor of today’s Baccarat. There is also a theory which states that Baccarat was invented by an Italian croupier, tarot passionate, Felix Falguierein who lived in the fifteenth century. This game alluded to the old Etruscan ritual and Falguerein used his deck of tarot cards to it. The name itself, comes from an old Italian and French word meaning “zero”, “nothing”. This name was actually given on purpose since the vale of all tens, jacks, queens and kings in this game is equal to zero.

Prevalence of Baccarat in the world
Baccarat quickly came to France - some sources say that it is where the game originated. However, before it gained immense popularity in casinos, it has been an exclusive pastime for wealthy French nobility. In France this game was known as Chemin de fer, English people on the other hand called in Punto Banco. Versions of the game differ slightly depending on the country in which it was played. English variety of Baccarat came to the United Sates spread there very rapidly and gained great popularity. Punto Banco version of Baccarat as of today is recognised in North America and is the simplest form of it. It consists in placing a bet on a side which will win - the player - Punto or bank - Banco. A draw is also possible.

Baccarat in land based casinos
Baccarat has its roots in Europe, but its real boom came when the game entered fertile gambling ground - casinos in the United States. However, before it arrived there people in Argentine and Cube were already playing it. Baccarat came to Las Vegas thanks to Francis “Tommy” Renzoni, who “brought” this game to Nevada from Havana. In 1990 Baccarat has won the hearts of players of Atlantic City casinos, where it was considered to be a very prestigious game. Currently in casinos there are several varieties of Baccarat. Most popular are the American and European versions. These versions differ slightly from one another, but main goal of game is in both variations the same.   

It consists in players betting on who will win - a player or a dealer - meaning who will obtain a result close to 9. In this game once can also bet on a draw, but it is not particularly recommended solution because in this case the casino advantage is quite high (14%). Currently in casinos Baccarat is present in its original form as well as in its mini- version. The rules are the same, main difference are the stakes and size of the table - therefore the possible number of players. Table for mini Baccarat is designed for 7 players while the standard version’s table is designed for 14. Baccarat game is available in casinos around the worlds and is most popular in USA and Asia.

Baccarat in online casinos
Baccarat is a game which boasts of popularity in online casinos as well. Online casinos offer e-gambling lovers American version of Baccarat. In the online version of this game, cards are dealt by a random card generator and are displayed on the screen in their graphical form. In addition, in some casinos offer you will find the option to play with a live dealer. A deal is therefore done physically because a croupier is a real person and a player may follow him thanks to available video option. Online baccarat table is a little bit smaller than the one in land based casinos. It has very clear layout which includes fields for croupier’s and players deal and also for draw option. Game consists of two deals one for dealer and one for croupier. There are no individual deals and betting is against cards not different players.