History of slot machines

We run into slot machines almost everywhere - arcades, pubs etc. In online casinos such type of games break records of popularity among players.

Origin of slot machines
Gaming machines when compared to other available games in casinos are quite a young invention. A slot machine created in San Francisco in 1887 by mechanic Charles Fey’s is considered the prototype of today’s fruit machine. The slot was called “Liberty Bell” and had three spinning reels, automatic payouts and a jackpot of 50 cent. The Liberty Bell slots were to be seen in small casinos. In 1891 another slot machine was created, the founders were Sittman and Pitt, this fruit machine was equipped with five spinning reels.
The payout from it was not direct but a player could win whatever the place where a machine was found was offering such as free beer, drinks, cigars etc.
Another important invention was “Operator Bell” created by Herbert Mills in 1907, which was present in saloons, bowling alleys and shops.In 1964 a first electric slot machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing under the name of “Money Honey” was created. This machine was equipped in an electric mechanism which allowed putting a few coins at a time and therefore allowed to win higher jackpots. To spice up the use and attract players of slot machines sounds and lights were introduced.

The development of slot machines
Slot machines quickly won the hearts of players. Because they were put not only in casinos but other places as well they were reaching a large number of players. However while playing on fruit machines players did not win as impressive amounts as they did in games of chances in casinos. This problem was somewhat improved by the introduction of $1 slot machines. This in turn prompted casino owners to expand their offer of slot machines. In 1980 video slot machines have appeared - a big turning point in the history of this branch of gambling. The driving wheel behind the creation of these machines was a game “Pong” manufactured by Atari company which had a two-dimensional graphical and monaural sound system. The first video slot machine was constructed by Sircom in 1980.
At the beginning players approached this type of solutions cautiously because they were suspicious about a lack of spinning reels. However as the time passed distrust had faded away and video slot machines have become wildly popular. It has happened because in the 80‘s random symbol generators have appeared. With electronic rollers which replaced the traditional reels placed inside the machines a diameter of rollers have changed. Before on a largest reels 25 symbols could be placed because of that players often hit jackpots. With the introduction of random symbol generators probability of winning decreased. As the time has passed also the appearance of gaming machines has changed. They’ve become more interesting visually and  took a slightly more modern shapes in order to be more attractive to players.

Slot machines in casinos
When we think about a gaming machine first what comes to our mind in one-armed bandit and characteristic symbols for this game. A game which a precursor was aforementioned Charles Fey is encountered in all casinos throughout the world. Although it had gone under certain modifications such as graphic still the first association that comes to out mind when we think about one-armed bandit are fruits. They were used from the beginning of existence of the game, because they are easy to remember.
Very popular, since their emergence, are video poker slots or progressive jackpots such as Mega Fortune, Wheel of Fortune or Millionaires Club. From the 90s slots are very popular and enjoyed in online casinos, where one can find a wide range of various games of similar type for instance Mega Fortune, Twin Spin, Starburst, Jackpot 6000, Arabian Nights, Gonzo's Quest and many others. Wins in the online versions of mentioned games are often much higher than in terrestrial casinos.