Basic rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is as popular in casino as roulette, what is more important in this game we have greater mathematical chances to win. In Blackjack we use from 1 to 8 card decks, each deck has 52 cards. It has to be noted from the beginning that the more card decks are used, the grater chance to win has casino. Before starting the game it is worth to ask dealer how many card decks are used at a given table.

Scoring system of particular cards in Blackjack
Colors are not taken into consideration while scoring.

  •  Cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as their face value (for instance 5 equals 5 points)
  •  King, queen and jack are all worth the value of points - 10.
  •  Ace may be either 11 or 1 depending on what is better for player or dealer.

  Important terms used in Blackjack

  • HIT - we ask dealer for another card. We can collect cards up to 21 points. If we go over 21 we lose a bet.
  • STAND - if we think that we have enough cards and point to win the bet we can end the turn.
  • SPLIT - in case that two first cards which we get are of the same value, for instance two 5s, two queens, two aces we can split them into to hands, and than we have to separate bets to play, that’s why we also have to set another stake equal to the starting one.
  • BUST - when we go over 21 (bet is lost automatically)
  • DOUBLE - when a player has two cards and thinks that they are better than of a dealer, he can do the so called double. In such case he adds another stake in the value of the one of a starting bet and receives one extra card from dealer.
  • INSURANCE - when dealer has an ace, and the second card is covered the chance of Blackjack and of losing the bet increases. In this case we have possibility to insure bet by placing another bet for the half of the stake of the first one. If dealer gets a Blackjack we win the bet, respectively 2:1, and we lose basic stake, therefore we end a bet even.

Beginning of the game in blackjack
In Blackjack we play against the dealer. Game is led at a special table, for maximum of 6 players. On each table there is a plate informing about money limit during a game. In general in land based casinos limits start at 5 euro per bet, and in Internet casinos we can play even for 0,10 euro. In big and renowned casinos, some minimal stakes per bet may be up to even few thousand euro. “You will find more info by clicking on limits at the tables”.

Dealer starts a game from his left hand and goes in the right direction, which means that he gets cards as the last one. Player before the beginning of the game places chips on particular spots not going over the limit (for instance a table may have 5-100 euro limit). It has to be remembered that chips with the highest value should be on the bottom, and chips with the lowest value at the very top. After the info that game has started we cannot add chip, or take back a bet.

Dealer gives 2 cards to each player, both of them face up, and 2 cards for himself one card down and one card up. Then dealer, starting from his left goes goes clockwise and asks players about their decisions.

The most often the value of cards is higher than 16 players decide not to take another card, and if the value does not exceed 11 they always take another one. Everything depends on the card of the dealer which is face up and on the cards which a player received.

Dealer has to always have a value of cards which adds up to at least 17. It doesn’t matter that a player has a value of cards which adds up to 12, if a dealer has the value of 16 and theoretically won a bet, he has to take one more card. This give big chance to a player, because by taking another card dealer may bust (go over 21).

When do we win?
Maximum value of points is 21. A player wins when the value of his cards is higher than the value of cards of croupier, or when a croupier must take one more card when he already has value of cards 17 and goes over (bust). Usually, the win is equal to 100% of stake, although we also have a chance to win 150% of stake if a player gets BLACKJACK (ACE +  face card or + 10). In case when a dealer and a player have the same value of cards there is a push (or a tie) and stake is returned to a player, therefore no one wins and no one loses.