Casinos and Gambling in Denmark

Although the number of land based casinos in Denmark is not very high, gambling in this country is flourishing. Thanks to liberated regulations regarding gambling online gambling market developed quickly. Thanks to it overseas operators can compete with local ones.



History of casinos in Denmark

Gambling started in Denmark at the beginning of 19th century. Danish’s society interest growing around gambling caused an increase in number of casinos especially in Copenhagen. Casino Marienlyst is said to be the oldest one in Denmark and it is located in Helsigør - 40 kilometers north from Denmark’s capital. Initially there was a health resort and a hotel and it was often visited by kings and dukes from Europe. However in 1902 object was extended and king Frederick VIII of Denmark allowed to create casino in it. Today, even though it competes with other casinos in the country it is still an elegant place with an international nature.

Legal regulations

When where and what to play in Danish casinos?

Currently on the Danish territory there are 6 land based casinos located in 6 different cities. They are open 7 day a from late afternoon hours to early morning hours. In the offer of Danish casinos players will find games such as American roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punti banco, poker, dice, electronic roulette and many slot machines. In accordance with a law about gambling in public tournament they can be organized only after receiving permission from Danish Gaming Authority.Licences are given out for one tournament per week with an establishment of the amount of entry fee, number of players, and prizes.

Cities in which land based casinos are located:

  • Aalborg

  • Aarhus

  • Helsingor

  • Copenhagen

  • Odense

  • Vejle




Casinos online in Denmark

Currently there are legal online casinos in Denmark. With the introduction of new regulations of online gambling from January 1st 2012 online gambling market has opened to overseas operator. Before a company Danske Spil had a monopoly on Danish online gambling. Although its the competition has grown it still dominated Danish market, but its dominance is not as strong as it used to be. Danish players may legally use overseas casino’s websites which are available in Danish and English, bets are taken in euros and american dollars.

Legal Regulations

Online casinos’ activity is regulated by a bill from January 1st 2012. According to it local and overseas casinos may obtain license in Denmark and operate legally. Foregoing monopolist in the online gambling market - Danske Spil - now has to compete on the Danish market with overseas operators. Danske Spil is now left with the monopoly only on lotteries, instant games and bingo. Thanks to new regulations from July 2013 over 50 licences were given to 40 operators.

New regulations also contributed to the creation of ROFUS (Register of Voluntary Excluded Players). It is a register of all Denmark players which voluntary, temporarily or permanently, want to exclude themselves from online gambling in Denmark. Register is administered by Danish Gambling Authority.


Record-breaking income regarding online gambling

According to a report made by Danish Gambling Authority year 2013 was a record-breaking one regarding income from online gambling. Altogether it came up to 2 375 000 danish kroner. An increase of 8% in comparison to the previous year.

Young Dutchman a winner of the 8th EPT edition in Copenhagen

A winner of European Poker Tour which took place in February, 2012 in Casino Copenhagen was 22 years old Mickey Peterson who is among the best online poker players in Denmark. After 6 hours long competition against Belgian - Pier Neuville - won the whole tournament and won 2 515 000 danish kroner.