Casinos and gambling in Egypt

In Egypt there are many forms of legal gambling. Egypt is a leader in the number of land based casinos in its region. There are several dozens of well prospering casinos which are visited by foreigners. Egypt citizens under the efficient law cannot enter these casinos.


History of casinos in Egypt

Gambling was known in Egypt back in ancient time. 4-sided and 6-sided dice found by archeologists in this region come from 3000BC. Ancient tombstones adorned with paintings of people gambling bespeak about intensified gambling interest of Egyptian citizens. Back then attempts to limit gambling were taken which results from hieroglyphs form 3000-4000BC. These records were today’s equivalent of anti-gambling laws. Today gambling in Egypt is legal and the number of casinos there puts the country in the leading position among arabian countries.

Legal regulation
Ministry of Tourism regulates gambling in Egypt. It controls activity of land based casinos on the Egypt’s territory and watches over casinos to respect the law from bill nr 1/1973 concerning hotels and touristic resorts activity. According to this bill, licences for casino activity are given out only to 5 and 4-star hotels in touristic regions. Effective law forbids Egyptians to use casinos on the territory of the country. Only foreign players have access to them after document check. Because of that currency in the egyptian casinos is American dollar, in some of them aso euro. Egyptian pounds are not accepted in casinos.

In Egyptian casinos egyptian pounds are not accepted. In order to play one needs to have american dollars. Some casinos accept euro as well.

When, where and what to play in Egyptian casinos.
Gambling industry is well developed in Egypt. There are more than 20 land based casinos and a casino on cruise liner which cruises on the Nile River. The biggest casino cluster can be found in the country’s capital in Kair. Some of the casinos are located is Sharm el Sheikh, Alexandria and in Taba. Because only foreign players may use casinos in Egypt, they are located in country’s touristic resorts. Casinos in Kair are open 24/7, access to them have people over 21. On the other hand in Sharm el Sheikh one has to be 18 or over to play, and casinos there are open from 8pm until 5am. In the offer of egyptian casinos players will find roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines. In Kair and other cities there are poker tournaments organised regularly which are of great interest.

Poker quickly gained popularity in Egypt and poker tournaments taking place in Kair are of constantly growing interest and  attract players from around the world.

Cities in which land based casinos are located:

  • Alexandria
  • Cairo
  • Sharm el Sheikh
  • Taba


Internet casinos in Egypt

Gambling industry in Egypt is well developed however only when it comes to land based casinos. Online casinos is a gambling form which has just started to evolve. There are no Egyptian online casinos because there are no legal regulation which would allow to form them. Players which want to gamble online may use available in Egypt and in arabic language websites of overseas casinos. Currencies in such casinos include American dollar, euro and egyptian pound.

Legal regulations
Gambling online in Egypt has not been regulated yet, that is why egyptian government does not give out licences which would allow companies to offer online gambling. Because there are no laws which ban using overseas online casinos, players may play there.


First poker tournament in Egypt
The interest of poker in the Middle East is constantly growing. Modeling other countries, Egypt has decided to organise poker tournaments. First of them took place in Sinai Grand Casino in Sharm El Sheikh in 2008. Over 50 poker players from around the world took part in it among others players from Great Britain, Italy, Finland or Maroko. The tournament was won by Frederic Ollsen from Sweden who won 7 000 euro and the honour to be the first winner of a poker tournament in Egypt.