Casinos and gambling in Hungary

In Hungary there are currently three licensed land based casinos. It is not many when considering the size of a country. A curiosity and a surprise for many may be a fact that Sylvester Stallone took part in the opening of one of them.



History of casinos in Hungary

Gambling in Hungary has a quite long history. In 1752 queen Maria Teresa Habsburg introduced a law which established country’s monopoly on gambling. It was a first gambling regulation in Hungary and it concerned lotteries. In 19th century card games and horse racing were becoming more and more popular. First Hungarian casino was National Casino opened by countess István Széchenyi in 1827. Today the oldest functioning casino in Hungary is Casino Sopron opened in 1989 belonging to Szerencsjáték Zrt and Casinos Austria AG. In 1992 in the building of hotel Sofitel Budapest a private owner opened Las Vegas Casino. In 2000 as well in Budapest the Casino Tropicana belonging to Szerencsjáték Zrt was created.

Legal Regulations
Since January 1st 2007 Hungary’s gambling market is controlled by Gambling Supervision Department of the Central Bureau of the Tax and Financial Control Administration - since 2011 it is known as National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). Currently in Hungary a law from 1991 with ammendments from 2011 applies. In accordance with Hungary’s law, players over 18 years of age have an access to casino. With a fist visit at the casino, registration is needed. In order to obtain a license on the Hungary’s territory a given company must to have a capital of minimum 200 million of HUF ( around  680 000 €).

Where, when and what to play in Hungary’s casinos?
In Hungary there are currently 3 legal land based casinos operating. Two of them are in Budapest and one is in Sopron. Casinos are opened 24/7, their offer includes american roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. Poker tournaments are organised as well.

Cities in which land based casinos are found:

  •     Budapest
  •     Sopron


Online Casinos in Hungary

Until the law from 2013 a monopoly on offering gambling activity in Internet had Szerencsjáték Zrt company. New regulations opened the market and allow other online casino operator to operate on the Hungary’s territory. However high licence fees hold the operators back from obtaining them, that is why players use international Internet casinos, which are available in their country in English and Hungarian language, bet are accepted in forints, euros and american dollars.

Legal regulations
Law regulating online gambling in Hungary was established in July of 2013. Its project was sent to European Commission in January but it was waiting for Malta’s opinion until June. The law projects introduction of an unlimited  number of licenses for online casinos’ operators. A license is valid for 5 years.

Information for players choosing Hungary as their destination:
In order to visit a casino in Hungary’s capital - Budapest, one can use following flights:
from New York

  •     in January from $896
  •     In July from $1304

from London

  •     in January from 112€
  •     in July from 186€

from Sydney

  •     In January from $2106
  •     In July from  $2314  

from Stockholm

  •     in January from 89€
  •     in July from 184€

from Beijing

  •     in January from $984
  •     In July from $1066

from Tokyo

  •     in January from $1053
  •     In July from $1118  

from Moscow

  •     in January from $338  
  •     in July from $236


Casino Las Vegas bonded with the world of film

The owner of Las Vegas casino in Budapest is a film producer Andrew Vanja, from Hungary but currently living in the USA. It is not casino’s only connection with the world of film. Silvester Stallone, world star, took part in the opening of casino in May of 1992.