Casinos and gambling in the Netherlands

There are 14 legal casino in the Netherlands and all of them belong to monopolist - National Foundation for the Exploitation of Casino Games - Holland Casino. In many cities you can find small places which have “Casino” in their names, but they are not real casinos, their offer is limited only to slot machines.



History of Casinos in the Netherlands

The first licences for casinos in the The Netherlands were given out already in 14th and 15th century. Currently, Stichting de Nationale tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen in Nederland or enterprise "Holland Casino" has the monopoly on all casinos in the Netherlands. The company has obtained a license on December 17th 1975 for indefinite time, and its first casino was opened a year later in Zandvoort on October 1st 1976. Than other casino were opened, now there are 14 of them.

Legal regulations
The Dutch Gaming Authority is responsible for control of the casinos in the Netherlands. It is an independent supervisory authority, which is responsible for regulating and control of the gambling market and licensing operators. The Authority was established on April 1st 2012 and its activity is financed by contributions of operators offering gambling on the territory of the Netherlands. Latest gambling law in the Netherlands is from May 2013. Currently it is under work and is expected to enter into force on January 2015. The aim of the Dutch gambling policy is to protect the players, to fight against addiction to gambling, fight crime and to check whether the activities carried out by casinos are legal. People over 18 years of age may enter casinos in the Netherlands. At the entrance each person must show a valid ID eg. an identity card, passport or driving license. After verification a player must pay 5 € entrance fee.

When where and what to play in dutch casinos?
In the Netherlands there are currently 14 land based casinos on the territory of the whole country. All of them belong to the enterprise “Holland Casino”. Casinos are opened daily sinco noon till 3 a.m. In the offer of Dutch casinos players can find games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punto banco, poker, electronic bingo, wheel of fortune, electronic roulette, numerous slot machines. Also, poker tournaments are organised in casinos.

Cities in which land casinos are located:

  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Eindhoven
  • Enschede
  • Groningen
  • Leeuwarden
  • Nijmegen
  • Rotterdam
  • Scheveningen
  • Utrecht
  • Valkenburg
  • Venlo
  • Zandvoort


Internet Casinos in the Netherlands
Currently in the Netherlands there are actions taken to liberalize gambling law regarding gambling online. In connection to this currently there are no Dutch online casinos. Players from this country can use oversees casinos which are available in the Netherlands. Casino operators offer online games in Dutch and English languages and bets are accepted in euro and American dollars.

Legal Regulations
The Netherlands road to legalise gambling was long and currently there are actions taken to liberalise effective gambling law. According to the plan or regulating internet casinos which was presented in May 2013 by the secretary of state safety and justice Fredrik Teeven together with introduction of new laws predicted on January 1st 2015 many licences will be given out to operators of online casinos which will let them to lead legal activity and and vast field of services on Dutch market of online gambling. Liberalized regulations will also determine the extent of such actions in the fight against addiction to gambling and effective supervision over the activities of online casinos according to the law.


Won over a million in Casino Enschede and gave high tips.
In 2012 a 64-year-old resident of Germany went to Dutch casino in Enschede near the border with Germany. The man put in the slot machine only 7,5 euro and soon enjoyed a victory of 1 600 000 euro. He shared his happiness with casino workers, waitresses and croupiers, to their great surprise he gave out tips totaling to 100,000 euro.

Record-breaking win at the Enschede casino on 22nd March 2014 in Dutch city Enschede  the highest jackpot in the history of casinos in the Netherlands was noted. A 30-year-old Dutchman, who is a regular casino players was playing at a slot machine in Mega Millions and around 9 pm confetti exploded, it turned out that he had won 3 million euro and tun set a winning record.