Casinos and gambling in Tunisia

Casinos which are found in Tunisia are meant for abroad players and muslims, which make up 98% of Tunisian citizens, cannot enter casinos. Playing in land based casinos is the only legal form of gambling in Tunisia, others such as sports betting are forbidden.



History of casinos in Tunisia

Although Tunisia is a country mainly inhabited by muslims, gambling is legal here. That is mainly because it attracts tourists from all over the world, and casinos make up one of tourist attractions. Gambling is legal only in land based casinos, where only foreign players have access. Tunisian citizens cannot play in casinos. Currently in Tunisia there are 3 casinos. Few years ago there were many more, however they were closed. One of the casinos which survived until now is opened in 1998 Pasino Djerba, belonging to Groupe Partouche - french casino, restaurant, hotel and spa owner in many European countries.

As much as 98% of citizens of Tunisia are muslims, which according to their religion cannot play in casinos. That’s why active casinos are meant only for abroad players.

Legal regulations
Tunisian government is responsible for regulating gambling in Tunisia. It has control over land based casinos in Tunisia. According to the law in Tunisia as well as other African countries, for instance Egypt, only foreign players have access to casinos, that’s why before entrance documents are checked. Access to Tunisian casinos have people who are over 18 years old. Casinos in Tunisia do not accept local currency - dinar. In order to play, players have to have American dollars or Euro with them.

When where and what to play in casinos in Tunisia
In Tunisia currently there are 3 working casinos, one in Djerba and 2 in Hammamet. Casinos are opened since afternoon hours till morning. Players in the offer of casinos will find games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, punto banco and slot machines

Cities in which land based casinos are found:

  • Djerba
  • Hammamet


Internet Casinos in Tunisia

In Tunisia there are currently no Internet casinos. Licenses for activity for online casino operators are not given out, because this form of gambling is forbidden is illegal here. Also Tunisian citizen are forbidden to use casinos online, however this ban is often broken and oversees websites enable access to Tunisian players offering them websites in Arabic, English or French and accepting bets in Tunisian dinars, euro and American dollars.

Tunisia does not give out licenses to online casinos and using any online gambling websites is forbidden. However, they are not blocked and even before revolution from 2011, when government used to block access to websites with political or pornographic content, gambling websites were not blocked.

Legal Regulations
The only legal form of gambling in Tunisia is currently gambling in land based casinos. Other forms of gambling such as sports betting or Internet casinos are forbidden. Illegal is even using foreign Internet casinos websites, although they are not blocked and players have access to them.


Poker player from Tunisia the winner of World Series of Poker 2012

Although gambling is theoretically forbidden for Tunisian players it does not repel them much and they do fairly good in it and achieve some successes. The best prove for that is the win of Imed Ben Mahmoud from Tunisia in World Series of Poker tournament in 2012. He defeated players among other from France and UK and won a prize of $190 216.