Casinos and Gambling in Italy

Italy undoubtedly belongs to those countries that have a long and interesting history of gambling. This is because it goes back to the Roman Empire, in which the emperors played in the oldest gambling game in the world - dice.



History of casinos in Italy
Gambling in Italy was around long before the modern casinos, familiar to us, have appeared. Residents of the region already in ancient times voluntary enjoyed various gambling pastimes. Italian emperors played dice, while soldiers liked to play board games. The fist legal casino has been opened in Venice in 1638. Today it functions as Casino di Venezia and is the oldest casino in the world. Although gambling in Italy is now completely legal, there are not many large casinos here, there are located in 4 large cities and interesting are outside Italy’s capital - Rome. However they are situated in elegant buildings where people from all over the world like to come to play - a large group of players is Chinese .

Legal regulations
Gambling was regulated in Italy in 2006. Gambling is controlled by the state with the help of AAMS  (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stad) - special authority which issues licenses to casinos and regulates all issues related to gambling. In addition to gambling law from 2006, the impact on gambling it Italy has also Finance Act from 2007 under which card games and tournaments were legalised and decree “Comunitaria” from 2011 which introduced a new system of taxation on gambling.

Where, when and what to play in the Italian casinos?
There not many land based casinos in Italy when compared with other countries. It Italy we will find casinos in Venice, Saint-Vincent, Sanremo and in Italian exclave on the territory of the Swiss canton Ticino - in the town of Campione d’Italia. Casinos in Italy offer all the typical casino games so variations of roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. Casinos are also well-equipped with a wide array of slot machines. Italian casinos are opened throughout a whole year seven days a week at specific hours depending on a day.

Cities in which land based casinos are located:

  •     Venice
  •     Saint-Vincent
  •     Sanremo
  •     Campione d' Italia




Internet casinos in Italy
Italian gaming market is undoubtedly one of the largest in Europe. Since 2006 - so the moment of the liberalisation of the law on online gambling and mitigation of strict Italian law, which once prohibited foreign operators to offer their services in Italy - online gambling is experiencing a flourish and online casinos sector is working very well. In 2010 Italian government changed its decision on foreign operators and they can finally operate in Italy unless they obtain a license from AAMS. In Italy now, web sites of the most known online casinos in the world are available. Casinos operating in Italy usually are available in Italian and English language. Bets are accepted in Euro and U.S. dollars.

Legal regulations
Regulation of online gambling was very turbulent. Initially, when online gambling was developing in Italy the law was very strict, because of it legal online gambling could only be offered by a very narrow group of companies operating in the industry. Under pressure form the European Commission, in 2006 the process of liberalisation has begun, and laws legalising different types of games were created. The rules for granting of licenses to foreign bookmakers were also made, thanks to them they could open a business in the Italian market. If an operator wants to apply for a license in Italy he must have a minimum turnover of 1.5 million euro in he past two years in the EU, he must demonstrate having a secure software and pay a license fee in the amount of 350 thousand euro.


An impressive win in a game of one-armed bandit
An impressive win in a game of one-armed bandit took place on May30, 2013 in Milan. A player from China has won almost 350,000€. The winning amount was paid by Olympic Entertainment Group, the largest owner of the network arcade in Central and Eastern Europe, operating on Italian market since 2012.

In crisis Italians are not saving on gambling.
For several years we hear about the crisis in Europe, governments of many countries look for savings wherever they can, people give up many pleasures, players however do not economise when it comes to spending money on gambling. Reports on gambling show that the average Italian spends an average of more than 1,000 € on gambling. Year to year revenues from gambling increase, which is positive for economy and public finances. In 2011 there was a record increase in revenue from gambling of as much as 24% when compared with the previous year. Lombardy citizens spend the most on gambling, an average annual spending on gambling reaches up to 3 000 € per person.

Italia roots of popular games
Apparently the most popular casino games in the world originated in Italy. The invention of the famous Baccarat which dates back till the and of 15th century is attributed to the Italian gambler Felix Flguererein. Initialy to play Baccarat in Italy tarot cards were used. However, since 1530 in Italian cities “lo Giuoco del Loto d’Italia” was played - the game gave birth to the game popular today - Bingo.

The operator proves his case before the Court of Justice.
The Italian government for a long time tried to limit gambling, taking a closer look at companies operating in Italy. That is how Placanica belonging to the British bookmaker offering online casino - Stanleybet was accused of operating without a required permit. Bookmaker Stanley had a license, but not Italian one, he decided to appeal to the Court of Justice because of the punishment that Italy has imposed on him due to the lack of business permit. The Court upheld the claims of the bookmaker stating that the penalty imposed by the Italian State for offering bets by intermediaries of foreign companies are illegal. Moreover it found that the company Stanleybey can freely operate on the Italian market and stressed that all countries belonging to the European Union should verify its restrictions in regulations concerning foreign operators. In 2007 Court of Justice confirmed this judgement.

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