Casinos and gambling in Lithuania

Currently in Lithuania only gambling in land based casinos is legal. There are 17 of them on the country’s territory. Online gambling is to be regulated, however, it is not a problem for players which are using oversees casino pages which are fully available in Lithuania.



Gambling in Lithuania

History of casinos in Lithuania
Gambling in Lithuania has rather a short history. When Lithuania was part of USSR gambling virtually did not exist there. The changes started to appear little by little after Lithuania regained independence in 1990. Casinos and little amusement arcades. In 2001 gambling was regulated and gambling operator could start to create legal casino on Lithuania’s territory. Currently there are 17 licensed casinos and they belong to 4 companies. The biggest of them is estonian group Olympic Casinos, which opened its first casino in Lithuania 2004 in Kaunas.

Legal Regulations

Currently in Lithuania only land based gambling is regulated. Besides that any other form of gambling is not regulated. On the territory of Lithuania there are currently 17 land based casinos which belong to 4 operators. Gambling has been regulated in 2001. Gambling industry is regulated by …….. which is under the Ministry of Finance which is responsible for regulating and control of the whole gambling activity in a country. The main aim of the Act is to regulate gambling in the field of commercial benefits of casino games that include mainly table games, slot machines, including slot machines in categories A and B, bingo, lottery and betting. The casino license may apply for private and public entities and the required capital is 4,000,000 litas (1.1 million of US dollars). Licenses are issued for an indefinite period of time. According to the law which obliges every ground casino must have at least 3 game tables and 30 slot machines of A category ( with unlimited winnings). People who are over 21 years old may enter the casino after necessary registration. Since 2004 there is a possibility of self-exclusion from the casinos at the request of the player.

In order to increase the protection of the Lithuanian players form the negative effects of gambling, only adults who are over 21 years of age may enter the casino. Registration of a player is also required. Players are able to self-exclusion from the casino if there is a fear of falling into gambling addiction.

Where, when and what to play in Lithuanian casinos?

In Lithuania, there are 17 casinos located in 5 cities. Casinos are led by 4 licensees Olympic Casino, Tornado Casino, Nese Casino and Nautilus Casino. Offer of cassinos includes American Roulette, Blackjack, different varieties of poker, slot machines. Casinos are opened every day round the clock.

Cities in which you may find land based casinos:

  • Klaipeda
  • Kaunas
  • Panevezys
  • Saul
  • Vilnius


Online casinos in Lithuania

Effectual gambling laws in Lithuania only apply to land-based gambling. The draft of a law regulating online gambling was approved by parliament in 2012, but so far the law has not been officially adopted. In this regard, online gambling is still not regulated. Because so far the government has not taken action to blonk foreign gambling sites, Lithuanian players have full access to forting online casinos that are available in Lithuanian or English language, bet on the other hand are accepted in euro, litas and US dollars.

Currently the government does not take action to block foreign gambling sites, so Lithuanian players have full access to foreign online casinos.

Legal Regulations

As of now in Lithuania only gambling in land based casinos is legal. All forms of gambling in the online version are not regulated. In 2012 Lithuanian Parliament approved the project of the new Act in the first reading, but since then there has been no further steps to legalize this form of gambling. The draft law imposes a limit on casinos - the limit is up to 20. In addition, operators applying for a license of an Internet Casinos will have to obtain a license of at least on land based casino, 5 bets on horse racing, 10  penny arcades or 20 National Lottery points. The draft of law also grants right to the authority to govern online gambling, therefore to contact Internet suppliers to block domains of illegal operators

In 2012 Lithuanian Parliament approved approved the project of the new Act in the first reading, but since then there has been no further steps to legalize this form of gambling.


Poker layer from Lithuania won in a PokerStars Sunday Million tournament
32-years old Andrius “Benislova” Bielkis won the 3rd largest poker tournament online in the world - PokerStars Sunday Million tournament. More than 10 thousand people took part in the tournament and the pot was over 9 million dollars. Player from Lithuania bit strong competition and got a first place winning $848 589,33. After winning he said that he is not a professional player and that he plays poker to win not for the money reasons.