Casinos and gambling in Monaco

Not only America can be proud of its gambling capital. In Europe, it is without a doubt, the district of the Principality of Monaco - Monte Carlo. WHile Monaco is the second smallest country after the Vatican in the world, luxurious casinos and peaceful atmosphere may bring in ming the largest casinos in Las Vegas and Macau.



History of casinos in Monaco
The most popular and at the same time one of the oldest casinos in Europe is the Monte Carlo Casino, owned by the public company supervised by the government and the royal family - Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco. The company also owns hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and  nightclubs throughout Monaco. The casino was built in 1863, designed by Charles Garnier, the author of building project of the famous Opera Garnier in Paris. Monte Carlo’s Casino since the beginning has been attracting affluent visitors from many European countries. Also today the casino is thriving, acting not only as a paradise for players. Now, despite the fact that in the Principality of Monaco there are only four casinos located in Monte Carlo, this place still is considerable as the gambling capital of Europe.

Legal Regulations
Gambling in Monaco was first legalized in 1863 when due to financial problems Prince Charles III prevailing at that time decided to open the first legal casino in the country. Revenue on which was to mend some state budget.

Today gambling is legal in Monaco in accordance with the law of gambling from December 6th, 1987. Ministry of Finance and Economics is responsible for the control of casinos activity. The task of the officials is to supervise the operations of casinos, monitor and control access to the casinos and the hours of opening and closing. Also to control conditions under which the game takes place in casino. In order to lead gambling activity it is necessary to have a special permit issued by the Prince of Monaco. To enter a casino in the principality one must be at least 18 years old. Monaco Residents cannot use casinos in the principality - only foreigners may enter them. At the entrance one must show a passport to verify residence. Also, the dress code is very strict and strictly enforced.

Monaco Resident cannot use the casinos in the principality - only foreigners have access to them. At the entrance to the casino one must show a passport to verify his or her residence.

When, where and what to play in Monaco?
In a small, because only about 2 square kilometers, Principality of Monaco currently there are 4 casinos. They are located in the most popular area of the duchy or Monte Carlo. Casinos here are opened daily from midday until morning hours. In terms of gaming, casino offer is extremely rich. Players can play, among other in different varieties of roulette, poker, blackjack, punto banco, baccarat, craps, video poker, and also enjoy a variety of slot machines. The monte Carlo also hosts poker tournaments.

Cities in which land based casinos can be found:

  • Monte Carlo


In a small, because only about 2 square kilometers, Principality of Monaco currently there are 4 casinos. They are located in the most popular area of the duchy or Monte Carlo


Internet Casinos in Monaco
Although in the category of land based casinos Principality of Monaco can compete with the most powerful casinos in the world, if we are talking about a sector of casinos online situation is a little bit worse. In Monaco there is no “local” online casinos. Players which like gambling online have French language versions of websites to use. Thanks to them players from Moncao can play in all possible online games. Currencies in casinos online include euro and american dollars.

Legal Regulations
Gambling has been legal in Monaco since 2007. In accordance with introduced laws, gambling online may be practiced by inhabitants of Principality of Monaco which are over 18 years of age. The law also regulates licensing online casinos and workers’ appurtenances of these casinos.


James Bond in the Casino de Monte Carlo
The films about famous British agent 007 or James Bond were recoreded in the Casino de Monte Carlo. Shots for movies such as “Never say never again”, “Goldeneye” or “Casino Royale” were taken there, besides movies about Bond, Casino de Monte Carlo appeared also in the movie “Ocean’s Twelve”.

A relative of Stones’ leader broke the bank in Casino de Monte-Carlo
In the 70s of 19th century Joseph Jagger which was a relative of Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones singer, by using clever tricks, won several times in roulette in Monte Carlo. Jagger discovered that on one of the roulette wheels several number come up more often than others. When casino workers noticed that and switched the wheels, attentive player noticed that lucky wheel is marked with a little cut. Thanks to his observations he managed to win 2,5 million francs.

Incredibile achievement of Englishman in a casino in Monte Carlo
Charles Wells, who was born in 1841 in England was a gambler which was known in the whole world for his gambling achievements. While playing roulette in casino in Monte Carlo he managed to break the bank 12 times in 11 hours. Wells won one million francs which back then was a huge amount of money. His incredible streak of luck evoked sensation and admiration among casino guests.