Casinos and gambling in Nevada

Nevada is a gambling capital not only of US, but of the whole world as well. Here we will find “Sin City”- Las Vegas which is a symbol of gambling and eternal fun. Las Vegas Center is full of life 24/7 attracting each year millions of tourist from the whole world.



History of casinos in Nevada

Gambling in Nevada was part of culture even before it became a state. Games came here together with gold diggers, which numerously were coming to Sierra Nevada. When in 1860 president Lincoln appointed James Nye governor of the territory of Nevada, steps were taken to forbid gambling there. However, few years later lawmaker decided to lessen strict law for companies offering gambling and to waive them totally for players. In 1909 Nevada was a first state in which gambling was fully forbidden. In 1919 another changes were introduced which restored legality of some games. A year later Reno became a capital of gambling in Nevada.
A real breakthrough was on March 19th 1931, when governor, Fred Balzar, signed a law, which fully legalised gambling in Nevada. Since then gambling started to flourish dynamically there. First licensees, which opened their casinos in Las Vegas center were Boulder Club, Las Vegas Club, Exchange Club and Norther Club. In 1945 Nevada enacted new licensing program, which was taking 1% gross taxes from games. Since 1959 Nevada Gaming Commission was supervising and licence giving body. Then “Black Book” with the names of of gambling cheaters, which were banned to enter casino. Gambling tourism was developing very dynamically generating in 1975 revenues of 1 billion dollars, and almost half of the Nevada’s budget was revenue from gambling taxes. In 1972 one of the Nevada’s gambling companies, Harrah's Entertainment, became the first company quoted on the New York Stock Exchange.
Opening of a hotel The Mirage, by Steve Wynn, the owner of Golden Nugget 1989 is considered to be the beginning of the new era of gambling in Las Vegas. The Mirage, was then, the most elegant and prestigious place on the gambling map of Las Vegas. Then, swiftly, another gambling places at famous Las Vegas Strip started to appear. Capital of gambling was moved from Reno to Las Vegas. Currently, on Nevada’s territory there are hundreds of casinos.

In 1909 Nevada was the first state in US which fully banned gambling on its territory. However, in 1931 governor of the state, Fred Balzar, signed a law which legalised gambling in Nevada.

Legal Regulations

Gambling in Nevada is regulated by Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board. Gaming Commission includes 5 members appointed by governor for 4 years term, on the other hand, State Gaming Control Board consists of 3 members which are chosen for 4 year terms.
Gaming Commission is a decisive body in terms of gambling on the territory of Nevada and gives, limits, or takes away licences of casino operators. State Gaming Control Board supervises license giving instead.
There are two types of licences given in Nevada. Limited licences are given to bar owners, restaurants and other places, where there are no more than 15 slot machines. Unlimited licences allow to have unlimited number of slot machines, game tables and other tools which enable gambling. Such licences are given to casino operators.
Effective law is Nevada Gaming Control Act enacted on July 1st 1959.
In order to play in casinos in Nevada one must be at least 21 years old.

Where, when and what to play in casinos in Nevada?
Nevada is a state with the biggest number of casinos in the US. Here there is a world capital of gambling - Las Vegas, where along 7km long Las Vegas Boulevard there are hundreds of casinos which are heaven on Earth from the whole world. Casinos in Nevada are also found in Reno which was the previous capital of gambling in Nevada. Smaller casinos are also to be found in most of big cities on the territory of the whole state.
Casinos found in the world’s gambling capital are full of life 24/7, they offer wide array of entertainment, not limited to gambling. Huge gambling-entertainment resorts are equipped with restaurants, art galleries and theme parks where one can spend time with the whole family. When it comes to relaxing, there are luxurious hotels around which are indispensible part of entertainment centers in Las Vegas.
As for world’s capital of gambling - casinos offer is very rich - players will find here the following games: roulette, Baccarat, mini-baccarat, poker, Pai-Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Texas Holdóem, dice, wheel of fortune and hundreds of types of slot machines, keno, races and sports bets. In the large part of big casinos there are poker tournaments which attract players from the whole world.

Elegant, modern casinos in Las Vegas each year bring around 30 million players from the whole world.

Cities in which land based casinos are found:

  • Amargosa Valley
  • Baker
  • Battle Mountain
  • Boulder City
  • Carson City
  • Crystal Bay
  • Dayton
  • Elko
  • Ely
  • Fallon
  • Fernley
  • Gardnerville
  • Hawthorne
  • Henderson
  • Incline Village
  • Indian Springs
  • Jackpot
  • Jean
  • Las Vegas
  • Laughlin
  • Lovelock
  • McDermitt
  • Mesquite
  • Minden
  • Moapa
  • Pahrump
  • Primm
  • Reno
  • Searchlight
  • Silver Springs
  • Sparks
  • Spring Creek
  • Stateline
  • Sun Valley
  • Tonopah
  • Verdi
  • Virginia City
  • Wellington
  • Wells
  • West Wendover
  • Winnemucca
  • Yerington


Internet Casinos in Nevada
Although Nevada was the first state in which, in 2013, gambling online was legalised, casinos online, however, in accordance with the the law are illegal there. Act from 2013 regards only poker online, as the only legal form of Internet gambling. Therefore, in Nevada licences to Internet casinos are not given out. Players from Nevada which don’t  want to be limited only to playing poker online, have to use oversees online casinos which offer them online casinos in English and accept American currency.

Legal Regulation
Online gambling is regulated in the US at the state and federal level. Currently, there are two documents regulating gambling at federal level: The Wire Act 1961 and more up to date Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006. The Wire Act regards only sports bets, on the other hand other forms of gambling online are regulated by the act from 2006. However, certain states may also create their own laws regulating gambling online, 3 states are leaders in it: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Nevada as the first one systemised law and legalised gambling online,from the moment of signing Assembly Bill no.114 by governor of the state in February of 2013 gambling online has been legal. However, the law allows only to play poker online. In accordance with existing law, people under 21 cannot use online gambling.

Nevada was the first US state which legalised gambling online, however it regards only online poker. First state to legalise online casinos was Delaware in November, 2013.


Twofold win in The Mirage Casino
Win in casino is an unthinkable luck, but when the same person wins twice it truly is a phenomenon. A good example of that is Elmer Sherwin, veteran of the Second World War, who only 10 hours after opening of casino “The Mirage” in 1989 won 4.6 million dollars in Megabucks Jackpot. Although he won, Elmer continued to visit casino. 16 years later, on September 15th 2005 he won again, this time 21 million dollars which he committed to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which passed over USA in 2005.

Won one of the highests prized in Excalibur casino while waiting for a match
25 year old from Los Angeles, came to Las Vegas for basketball match. Because he came too early, to “kill the time” they decided to go to Excalibur casino. His visit ended with winning 39 million dollars, which is one of the highest prizes in Las Vegas. The man decided that he wants to be paid 1,5 a year for 25 consecutive years.

Known actor asked to leave Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas
Popular American actor, Ben Affleck, in April 2014 was asked to leave Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after he was caught counting cards while playing Blackjack. Casino workers recognized that he is a professional player and that he should leave casino. Moreover, there was a car waiting for him outside the airport, which was supposed to take him to the hotel. Apparently, he also received a lifelong ban to play blackjack in this casino. However, the authorities of casino in a press statement said that Affleck is a valuable guest in Hard Rock Casino and is always welcomed there. It wasn’t the only incident with the actor. On May 31, the situation in canadian Caesars Windsor repeated in Ontario state.

Placed a bet fo $10, won more than $21 million at Caesars Palace
In June 1999, 49-year old businessman from Illinois visited Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas. He sat in front of Megabucks slot, put $10 in and after a moment he won $21 million.  

A man which lost $500 000 sues Downtown Grand Casino for money return
In January 2015 52 years old Mark Johnston from Ventura was playing Downtown Grand Casino in Las Vegas. A man got drunk with drinks served in casino and within 17 hours of playing Blackjack and Pai Gow he lost half million dollars, however he did not remember much from this evening. A man is suing casino’s personnel that they had got him drunk and used the fact that he wasn’t conscious of what he was doing. Now the man is suing casino and demands return of lost money, he says, however that he is doing that because of the morals not money.

Wynn Las Vegas protects itself against misfortune
Casinos in Las Vegas are visited by players from around the world, great part of visitors comes from China. In accordance with chinese culture, number 4 brings bad luck. Wynn Las Vegas value chinese players and therefore decided to get rid of “fours” in their building, that’s why there is no 4th floor and floors from 40-49. After floor 39 we go to floor 50. It has been made to make chinese players, which are important and valuable guests of Wynn Las Vegas, feel safe and comfortable                                             

Truck driver won more than 12 million dollars at Wynn Las Vegas
In 2006, 38 old truck driver from Louisiana, together with his wife went building materials shopping to World Market Center in Las Vegas. In “sin city” married couple visited Wynn Casino, where the man played MegaBucks slot machine. He put $100 in and few moments later became a millionaire - winning 12 300 000 dollars. Right after the winning the married couple said that they will dedicated the money on their new house and education of their children.