D’Alembert system was invented back in 17th century and is still used today

The D’Alembert invented back in 17th century still is popular among players. Many players apparently won a lot of money using this strategy.

D’Alembert System

A system used to play colours.
For example: You bet on one colour and if you lose you bet for one chip more (the colour in the next spin does not matter) If you win you decrease the stake for one chip when compared to the last wagered stake. The general principle of this system is that in case of winning the stake is higher, while in case of lost the stake is lower.

Our opinion:
This system is far more cautious than Martinage for instance. Here the bet is not doubled, but only one chip is added. Is this system good in a long run? There are may players who like this system even though big wins do not occur.