INGO Casino Franzensbad in Czech Republic

INGO Casino Franzensbad is located near the border with Germany in Frantiskovy Lazne, a city made of the so called spa triangle. It is located in antique building and it attracts guests with inimitable atmosphere, and rich history, personas such as Emperor Francis I, Otto von Bismarck and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in honor of which a restaurant located in the building was made, were visiting it.


Entry fee:

  • Free


  • Informal

Nearby hotels:

  • Lázeňský hotel Goethe *** 100 m.
  • Lázeňský hotel Belvedere *** 200 m.
  • Lázeňský hotel Savoy**** 300 m
  • Spa & Kur Hotel Praha 400 m.
  • Lázeňský hotel Imperial**** 450 m


  • INGO Casino Frazensbad
  • Národní 1
  • 351 01 Františkovy Lázne
  • Republika Czeska

Working Hours:

  • Every day from 3pm to 4 am

Available games:

  • 6 roulette tables
  • 1 Caribbean Stud Poker table
  • 2 blackjack tables
  • 2 mini roulette table
  • 32 slot machines

Casino advantages and disadvantages:

  • pompous casino decor, full of glamor
  • elegant restaurant "Goethe" decorated in the French style with a transparent floor, through which you can watch the carp swimming in an aquarium under the restaurant
  • informal dresscode
  • friendly, professional service


  • not many tables and slot machines

INGO Casino Franzensbad is located near the German Border in Frantiskovy Lazne, a city made of the so called spa triangle (the other are Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary). The building of casino is situated in quiet surrounding, around parks, where one can relax and rest. This city is willingly visited in medical purposes and the beneficial properties of more than twenty local mineral springs have been known here for hundreds of years. People who, in addition to medical treatment and rest, are also looking for entertainment and fun, visit INGO Casino willingly.


Creation of INGO group
INGO Casino Group was created in 1996, its starter was Gustav Struck, from Bavarian City, Ingolstadt, from which the name “INGO” comes. Today INGO Casino Group has few casinos in Czech Republic and hires more than 500 people. Casinos are yearly visited by more than 350 thousand of guests.

How to get there?
There are no planes which could take you to Frantiskovy Lazne. The closest airport is located 179 km from the city, in the capital of Czech Republic - Prague. From there to Frantiskovy Lazne you can get by bus. Optionally, you can also get here from German airports (Drezno or Lipsk).

The cost of flights back and forth to Prague from different cities:

  • Stockholm from 278 €
  • New York from $ 1,162
  • Moscow has $ 420
  • Beijing from $ 1285
  • Sydney $ 1750
  • London from £ 91

Nearby hotels
Although Frantiskovy Lazne is not a big city, because of its spa-touristic character, it offers many accommodation possibilities. One will find here both, exclusive hotels offering Spa and many other attractions as well as modest models. Depending on preferences and financial capabilities, everyone will find something for him or her. People whose main aim is to spend time in INGO Casino Franzensbad may use the offer of Lázeňský hotel Goethe *** hotel which is just 100 meters away from the casino. In the area there are also Lázeňský hotel Belvedere *** , Lázeňský hotel Savoy****, Spa & Kur Hotel Praha, Lázeňský hotel Imperial****. All of them are located no more than half a kilometre from the casino.