Gambling and casinos in New Jersey

New Jersey is second after Nevada state in US, where gambling was legalized. In comparison to Las Vegas, the number of casinos here is not large, however, Atlantic City, where there 11 casinos is important gambling resort on the map of the USA.



History of Casinos in New Jersey
Gambling in New Jersey has much longer history than most of the American states. The first form of gambling here were lotteries, revenues from which was dedicated to pay the army and finance building of the universities (today’s Princeton University and Rutgers University). Lotteries were banned in 1844. Also, horse racing which were taking place from 1830 on the oldest racetrack in the country - Freehold Raceway. In 1897 referendum regarding changes in the constitution took place. In accordance with the votes of the voters, hambling was fully forbidden. In the later years other votings took place, in which citizens were voting for or against legalizing gambling in New Jersey. In referendum which took place on November 2nd 1976  espoused to legalize gambling but with some limits. Since then gambling was legal, but only in Atlantic City. Because the change of the law, new casinos started to be build. First opened casino in New Jersey was Resorts International Casino opened on May 26 1978 in Atlantic City. Following it were Caesars Atlantic City opened on June 26th 1979 and Bally opened on October 29th 1979. First, casinos could be opened only for 18 hours during the weekdays and for 20 hours on weekends. Only in 1991 governor of New Jersey, James Florio, enabled casino to try to be opened 24/7. This idea turned out to be an excellent idea, that’s why in 1992 a law allowing all casinos to be opened 24/7 was introduced.

Casinos in Atlantic City are opened 24/7 since 1992, thanks to the law change which was introduced by governor James Florio. Before that casinos were to be opened for 18 hours in weekdays and 20 hours for weekends.

Legal regulations
Gambling in New Jersey is regulated by two bodies. First of them is New Jersey Casino Control Commission - organization set up in 1977, which is responsible for licencing and control over gambling industry in New Jersey. Commission is made up of 3 members chosen for 5-year terms. The second body was also made up in 1977 in New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The mission of this body is to ensure honesty and security while playing in casinos.

Law effective in New Jersey is Bill S-12, signed by state governor, Chris Christie on February 1st, 2011. This bill gave more privileges when it comes to control of Division of Gaming Enforcement.

When, where and what to play in New Jersey?
In New Jersey there are currently 11 casinos and all of them are in the Atlantic City, they include: Bally’s Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Caesars Atlantic City, Golden Nuget, Harrah Resort, Resorts Casino Hotel, Revel Casino Hotel, Showboat Atlantic City, Atlantic City Tropicana Casino & Resort, Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. Casinos are found in enormous, modern, entertainment resorts, they are opened 24/7. In the offer players will find games such as roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, poker, dice, Sic Bo. Pai Gow Poker, electronic roulette, keno and many slot machines. People who are over 21 years of age may enter the casino.

Since February 18th, 2013 Borgota Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City as the first one in the US is offering its users gambling games available through e-casino program on TV’s in their hotel rooms. THanks to special cards of players electronic accounts may be formed, and a player may spend up to $2500 daily.


Internet Casinos in New Jersey
New Jersey is one of the first states in the US which engaged in regulating and legalizing Internet gambling. In accordance with existing law to run websites offering gambling online can receive only owners of land based casinos. Players living on the territory of state may play in the casinos, besides them they are unavailable. Location of players is verified and operators set “electronic barriers” which disable player from other states from playing in Internet casinos.

In accordance with a law which regulates Internet gambling in New Jersey, verification on the bases of which it is checked if a player really in on the territory of the state is needed. Because playing in casinos online there is forbidden for players from other states, operators must block their access and form type of “electronic barriers”, which do not always correspond to real state barriers.

Legal regulations
Gambling online was legalised in New Jersey on February 26th 2013 after signing a law regulating gambling by governor Chris Christie. Law legalizes gambling online for 10 years period and imposes 15% tax from games. Players must be at least 21 years old to play from a computer located on the territory of New Jersey. Internet casinos can be opened only the the operators of land based casinos found in Atlantic City. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement controls and regulates gambling online in New Jersey.

Crisis touches almost all industries around the worlds, so it did not save gambling industry in New Jersey either. Governor Chris Christie claimed that gambling online will give the budget 180 million dollars and in reality it was much smaller - 12 million dollars. Because of that it is considered to opened online gambling market for companies outside Atlantic City. For players it would mean broader choice of casinos and games online, on the other hand for operators smaller revenues and higher competition.


Won 1,5 million dollar in Atlantic City in 6 months
Don Johnson, COE of Heritage Development LLC in WYoming in short time period won a large amount of money in 3 casinos in Atlantic City. Johnson is a professional players, who specializes in Blackjack. First he hit jackpot in Caesars casinos, where he won 4 million dollars and in Borgata where he won 5 million dollars. Few months later he won 6 million dollars in Tropicana casino. To summarize from December 2010 to April 2011 he won 15 million dollars!

9-time poker world champion sued by Borgata Casino
Phil Ivey, poker player who 9 times won the title of world poker champion was sued in April 2014 by Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa for dishonest play in Baccarat, when he won 9 million dollars. Casino claims that poker players used defect of  cards in casino, which led him to used technique of “edge sorting” which consists in identifying cards by remembering unique marks on the back of the card. It wasn’t the first time that Ivey was accused of cheating. In 2012, casino Crockford in London accused him of cheating while playing Punto Banco.

14 players has to give back their winnings in Golden Nugget Casino
In 2012, in Golden Nugget Casino, while playing Baccarat, unshuffled deck of cards was used. Some players quickly noticed it and raised their bets from $10 to $5 000 for a deal. In this way 14 players won 1,536,600 million dollars. During court case, which took place afterwards, players tried to accuse casino of the fault, however judge, D. Taylor, adjudged that the players must return money to the casino. Casino on the other hand had to give players money for the bets.