Gambling and casinos in Sweden

In Sweden there are only 4 legal casinos and all of them belong to state-owned company. Swedish gambling law is not mild either. Because of the fight against negative effects of gambling laws are very tighten up.



History of Casinos in Sweden

Gambling in Sweden has long history. Since 1897 a state-owned lottery Penning Lotteriet has been organized here. Than other forms of gambling were legalized here such as horse racing, lotto and other types of bets. Today in Seded there are around 50 legal forms of gambling, starting from games typical for casinos such as poker or blackjack up to  sighthounds racing.However, in the country there are only 4 legal casinos which belong to Casino Cosmopol under state-owned company Svenska  Spel, which since 1997 has been regulating gambling market in Sweden. First out of four existing casinos in Sweden was casino opened in Sundsvall on July 1st, 2001 in antique building of train station from 1847.

Legal regulation for land based casinos

Gambling in Sweden is legal although full control over it has a monopolist, state-owned company - Svenska Spel. It controls casinos, money lotteries and bingo. Company Casino Cosmopol is responsible for control over casinos which is “daughter” of Svenska Spel. In accordance with act from 1999 about gambling, licences are given to casinos by Sweden’s government. In 1999 licences were given to 4 casinos: first of them was opened on July 1st 2001 in Sundsvall, next on December 8th 2001 in Malmö, next on August 8th 2002 in Göteborgu and the last one in Stockholm.

When, where, and what to play in Sweden’s casinos?

In Sweden there are only four legally working casinos. They are in Stockholm Göteborgu, Malmö and Sundsvall. These casinos are opened throughout the week since afternoon hours until morning hours. In casinos we will find many table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, punto banco, Texas hold’em, Omaha poker and slot machines. In Swedish casinos there are also poker tournaments.

Cities in which land based casinos are found:

  • Göteborg
  • Malmo
  • Stockholm
  • Sundsvall

In Sweden there are only 4 legally working casinos. They are found in Göteborg, Malmo, Stockholm, Sundsvall.


Internet Casinos in Sweden

In Sweden monopoly for gambling has Svenska Spel Company. On March 30, 2006 it has opened a website offering games online such as bingo, poker, lotteries and sports betting. However Swedish player may also use other websites which are not under the monopolist, especially, that it does not offer online casinos. Overseas internet casinos offer Swedish players their websites in Swedish and English languages. Bets are accepted in euro, swedish crowns and american dollars.

Legal regulations for online casinos

Swedish monopolist, Svenska Spel, seeing interest in online gambling, decided in 2005 to open a website with poker online. In Sweden using online gambling websites requires registering, during the registration one needs to enter data, such as phone number or insurance number. It is needed to have swedish bank account and registration of residence. Players are obliged to specify their money limits (how much money can they spend for playing during a week).

Players are obliged to specify their money limits (how much money can they spend for playing during a week).

Online casinos which are beyond Sweden’s territory are neither legalized nor forbidden, and in accordance with European Union, Swedish players may play in them. That’s why many internet casinos are oriented on Swedish players, also, many of them was created and are led by Swedes that is:,,, and many more.
One of 3 largest producers of gams for Internet casinos, Net Entertainment, also comes from Sweden. It created interesting themes, and graphically polish slot machines, which offer player very high Jackpots, for instance Mega Fortune (this slot machine got into the book of Guinness for the highest amounts of money won on it). Netent creates also cult games such as French Roulette, Black Jakc, Poker, Kento for many Internet casinos

Netent creates interesting thematically and graphically one-armed bandit slots, which offer players Jackpots of million dollars for instance Mega Fortune wins can be found in the book of Guinness.

In Mega Fortune the biggest Jackpot in the history of Internet was hit by a Finnish player, its about was over 17 million euro.


Casino in Sundsvall - Casino of 2012

During Totally Gaming Awards Gala in London, Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall was chosen casino of the year 2012. Swedish casinos won against very strong rivals, among other Bregenz Casino, Casino Campione d’Italia and its domestic rival Casino Cosmopol Göteborg. Jury explained their choice among other with the fact that the casino is adjusted to different recipients. Also the interior decor was recognized.

Record win in a casino in Stockholm

In May, 2012 the biggest win in the history of Swedish land based casino was hit. It was in Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. A married couple from Södermanland, which often visits Swedish casinos, got lucky. The couple often plays on slot machine. This time fortune has smiled to the woman, who was playing, while her husband went out to pay for the parking. She hit a jackpot winning 33 789 320 crowns (more than 3,7 million euro). The couple was very surprised with the win, they decided to remain anonymous, and were not even able to say what they will use the money for.
Previous highest win was a jackpot in the game Fortune eMillions, it was also in casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. That time jackpot was 1,680,000 euro.

Record wins of Swedishman in Internet casinos

Swedes win high jackpots in Internet casinos, there are many winners because of which the society is spinned and invests a big part of money and time in order to be added to the list of winners. One of the highest wins is 4,1 millions euro in casino, which was won by 26 years old player from Stockholm. He invested $50 to play, he compares the moment of winning to a shock, or a stroke, which lasted long after winning. He said that the first things on which he will spend the money are: vacation, apartment, also that a part of money he will invest and some he will share with his close ones. The true record however is the amount of 7,6 millions also won in casino There were few million wins in Swedish casinos, and tens, or hundreds of them oscillated around 100 hundred euro, Swedish  are like internet gambling more than land based gambling and are ready to play.

Fortune eMillions, a lot machine in casino Cosmopol is the one which paid out the largest winning in the history of casino in Sweden. The highest noted win is more than 3,7 million euro Swedish producer of gambling games, Netent, created one of the most popular games online, it tempts with the highest wins in the net, and hits records in the book of Guinness. On average the jackpots are scored every 3 months and are never lower than 1 million euro.