Martingale - one of the most common systems used while playing roulette and blackjack

Martingale played on roulette and blackjack gives a lot of benefits to players. Game strategy often applied by players.

Martingale is one of the commonly used systems in roulette. It is bases on progressive betting for instance on colours. We stick to a single scheme, and bet for example at the beginning 1 for red, if we lose we double the rate until we win.

Example: 1 euro +2 euro +4 euro +8 euro+16 euro = 31 euro, so it comes out that we invested31 euro and won during the fifth game we got 32 euros. This way even after loosing 4 games in a row still have won 1 euro. Of course, we assume that most wine will occur earlier.

In our opinion: everything depends on the capital we start-up with. Everything will be ok unless for instance colour red does not come 10 times in a row. If it happens than we will have to invest as much as 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+ 128 + 256 + 512 = 1023 euro and e will win 1024. The question is if we will be able to bet this much? Black series really happen in casinos and the same colour can come out 15 or even 20 times in a row. Overall if you have luck it does not have to happen and that will end with a good profits for us. Generally this system in worth trying out.

Martingale mix
The system, which works similarly to Martingale meaning the stake is doubled if you do not win, but you do not stick tightly only to one option and do not play for example all the time for red. Instead you play reds for one chip and if you do not win you bet on odds for 2 chips and again do not win you bet on high numbers for 4 chips and do on until you win.

This way players want to eliminate the so-called one colour series. Does this system has any advantage over the Martingale? Statistically speaking, the chance is the same.

Our opinion: as in the case of Martingale this system is worth trying out.

Grand Martingale
It is a system for player who want to win with each roll. The system is aggressive and can also decrease our capital especially if it is not too high. The system consists in doubling the stake after losing a bet plus adding the initial bet to it.

Our opinion: If you have a sizeable capital you can try it out, in our opinion this system seems too aggressive and if we are not lucky enough it may lead to rapid loss of total capital.