Oracul Casino in Russia

Although Russia is the biggest country in the world, there aren’t many places to gamble here. The most popular entertainment center here is Oracul Casino located in one of 4 special gambling zones - Azov-City. Even though casino is prospering well and is visited by many guests, its owner does not rest on laurels and is planning further investments in the “Russian Las Vegas”.


Entry Fee


  • no dresscode


  • Oracul Casino Hotel
  • Glafirovka Land


  • Oracul Gambling-House
  • Shcherbinovsky Area, Azov City
  • Krasnodar Region, 353643
  • Russia

Opening hours

  • Opened 24/7

Games in casino

  • American roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Russian Poker
  • Golder Oasis Poker
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Texas Oracul Poker
  • More than 200 slot machines

Casino advantages and disadvantages


  • Special bus route which takes visitors to the casino free of charge
  • many cultural events
  • no dresscode


  • location
  • lack of hotels in the immediate vicinity

Oracul Casino is one of few legal casinos in Russia. It is found in special gambling zone Azov-City, on the territory of Krasnodar in the southwest of Russia by the Sea of Azov. Azov-City is one of 4 special gambling zones, which were created in 2006, after introduction of new gambling law. Casino is located in the average size building, in which a hotel for casino guests is located. In the near future there are plans to extend whole casino and make its entertainments and accommodation offer more attractive.


Special distinction for 50,000’s casino guest

In October 2012 Casino’s Oracul “visitor counter” exceeded 50 000. A man who happened to bo 50 000 guest of casino comes from Yeisk city, and visited the casino for the first time. In order to honour this special guest, casino gave him a voucher for dinner and Lucky Chip worth 10 thousand rubles.

How to get there
It is best to go to Russia by airplane. The closest airport is found in Rostov which is on Don River, from where gambling zone Azov-City is 40 km away. From the airport you can get to casino with free of charge buses, which take guests from the stop next to train station in Rostov.

Cost of round-trip flight to Rostov from different cities:

  • London from 398 €
  • Stockholm from 450 €
  • New York from $ 830
  • Moscow from $ 150
  • Beijing from $ 690
  • Sydney from $ 1990

Nearby Hotels
In the gambling zone Azov-City, where Oracul Casino is located, there aren’t many places to stay. Guests who come to casino for few days may use business hotel prepared for them, where there are 10 rooms in different standards - appartment, standard and junior. Casino guests may also stay in Glafirovka Land hotel which is located 20 km away from Azov-City gambling zone in Glafriovka resort by the Sea of Azov. Here there are standard, lux and junior rooms available for guests, distributed among 5 buildings. Because in the vicinity of casino there are not many accommodations, and distance makes it difficult to reach casino, a special bus line, which takes guest to casino free of charge, has been activated. Buses go from Rostov on Don station, from Krasnodar and from Yeisk (Meotida) throughout the week, at 7 pm.