Progression one of the strategies for slot machines

The progression is used in many areas of the game on the slot machines. Seemingly machines are ruled by randomness, but there is something in it.

The progression system (increase after 10 spins)

We play 10 times for minimum wage, but for all lines the same amount of money for instance $1 per spin. If we lose we increase the bid twice so it will be $2 per spin, and this time we do 20 spins. If bad luck does not abandon us we spin 40 time and increase the stake to $4. If we win we go back to the basic stake ($1). The advantage of this system is that we do not have to win every time to get even or win at the end. Moreover, wins occur every few throws so assuming that we play for a higher stake and win for instance stake times 100 (it often happens), going back to the basic stake we have a considerable capital to continue a game.

In our opinion

It seems to us that this system is reasonable and can bring expected benefits to the players. There is a downside, unfortunately, long-term bad series of spin can happen, in such case we may lose the entire capital.