Systems for roulette games

Interesting system used by player in land based casinos. Roulette system to used only in land based casinos. Bet where others do not play.

The empty fields (only ground casinos)

Some time ago I found out from the croupier about the so-called totalitarian system. Seemingly betting during the last minute, when the ball is already spinning and everyone has already bet on numbers, we are able to outsmart a casino. The croupier I talked to claimed that often the ball goes into the so-called “holes” which were not bet on previously.

That is why we should bet on the empty fields in the last possible moment.

The principle is simple, the only disadvantage of this system is the short time to bet and that we can only try this system while playing at the ground casino.

Our opinion

Roulette is a game of chances and it is difficult to agree that betting at the last minute gives an advantage over betting at the very beginning. The only argument that speaks in favour of this method is a professional croupier who is able to throw the ball few times in a row in one sector? Is that possible? Many professional players claim that it is, while among croupiers opinions differ.