Casino Munkebjerg in Denmark

Casino Munkebjerg in Vejle, although is of medium size it is willingly visited by players. Located away from the city center, can provide ideal asylum for those who expect excellent play and fun with a bit of adrenaline.


Entry fee:

  • One-time entry DKK 80 (10 EUR)
  • One-week entry DKK 160 (20 EUR)
  • One-month entry DKK 400 (50 EUR)

In Casino Munkebjerg there are no rigorous rules regarding dress-code, however one needs to look neatly. Forbidden are sports clothes, hats, in addition men can’t wear sleeveless shirts, shorts and open shoes.  

Nearby hotels:

  • Munkebjerg Hotel
  • Comwell Kellers Park & Spa
  • Best Western ToRVEhallerne
  • Hotel Australia Vejle
  • Hotel Hedegaarden


  • Munkebjergvej 125
  • Vejle 7100
  • Denmark

Working Hours:

  • Every day from 7:00 pm to 4:00 am, closed on 24th and 25th December

Available games:

  • American roulette
  • Blackjack
  • 70 slots

Casino advantages and disadvantages


  • coffee, tea or water at the bar included in the entrance fee
  • friendly, professional service, willing to answer questions
  • dress-code is not restrictive
  • nice atmosphere
  • picturesque surroundings


  • selection of games could be bigger
  • entry fee
  • during events, such as concerts, it is too crowded
  • for some players disadvantage might be the location (far from city center)

Vejle is a port city in Denmark, located at Vejle Fjord. Casino Munkebjerg is located around 7 km from the city center, in the picturesque surrounding of old beech forest. In the neighborhood there are Danmarks Golfmuseum a Vejle Golf Club. Ones, who come here for a longer time and are looking for accommodation, may stay in the hotel Munkebjerg which is  neighbouring with casino.


Casino Munkebjerg Vejle supports local football club
Casino management often highlights that its mission to promote initiatives and events in the region. It is taking action to support culture, sport and tourism. Moreover, currently is a sponsor of football club Vejle Boldklub.

How to get there?
If you want to get to Vajle it is best to fly to an airport, Aarhus, 70 km away. Than you can choose one of the trains, which depart from there each 30 minutes. Travel to Vejle takes around 45 minutes. Casino is 7 km from the train station, and from there you can easily reach your destination with city transport.

The cost of flights back and forth to Aarhus from different cities:

  • Stockholm from 356 €
  • New York from $ 984
  • Moscow from $ 644
  • Beijing from $ 2332
  • Sydney from $ 3619
  • London from  53 £

Nearby hotels
People who are looking for a hotel in the vicinity of the casino Munkebjerg take into consideration hotel next to Munkebjerg casino. Other properties are away from the casino by approx. 7 km and are located in the city center. If the distance is not a problem, one can choose for instance the Best Western ToRVEhallerne, Hotel Australia in Vejle or hotel Hedegaarden.