World Casino Article List

Casino Djerba in Tunisia

In Tunisia there aren’t many casinos. In the whole country there are few of them and, because of the religion, they are destined only for tourists. On Djerba, island belonging to Tunisia, in 1998 Casino Djerba was established, were tourists voluntary enjoy gambling.  

Emperors Palace Hotel Casino in RSA

It might be surprising for some people but The Republic of South Africa is a place which may offer a lot, even to the most demanding gambling lovers. Located in Johannesburg, Emperors Palace resort, not without a reason is called African Las Vegas. We will find here entertainment on the world level.

Casino de Marrakech in Morocco

Although Morocco is a muslim country, gambling is legal here. There are not many casinos, however gambling lovers, which come here, will find a place to enjoy their favourite games. Also, professional players meet on poker tournaments such as Poker Open or World Poker tour in Casino de Marrakech.

Casino City of Dreams Manila in Philippines

City of Dreams Manila is a new point on the map of the capital of Philippines and another position on the list of world casinos. It is modern entertainment center which offers vast choice of entertainment for the whole family, and fully-equipped casino for gambling lovers.  

Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort in Latvia

Latvia’s capital has on it’s map many places which offer gambling lovers fun and thrill of emotion. Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort deserve special attention. Rather small casino, found in five-star hotel attracts with luxurious interior, where players may experience truly royal atmosphere.

Casino de Genting in Malaysia

The only place where one can gamble legally in Malaysia is casino located in impressive entertainment complex - Genting Highlights Resort - which was build at the top of picturesque hill, close to country’s capital - Kuala Lumpur.

Holland Casino Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Casino in Amsterdam is one of casinos belonging to Holland Casino - the only licensed land based casino operator in the country. The facility is located in the heart of Amsterdam and attracts both usual tourists and professional players with a large number of games and friendly atmosphere.

Casinos and gambling in Tunisia

Casinos which are found in Tunisia are meant for abroad players and muslims, which make up 98% of Tunisian citizens, cannot enter casinos. Playing in land based casinos is the only legal form of gambling in Tunisia, others such as sports betting are forbidden.

Gambling and casinos in Malaysia

In Malaysia there is only one place in which gambling is legal. It is casino found in Genting Highlight Resort in enormous complex situated on picturesque hill in Pahang, close to country’s capital - Kuala Lumpur.

Casinos and gambling in Mexico

History of gambling in Mexico has been  eventful, as a matter of fact legal situation there is not fully settled. Until now in Mexico old gambling law from 1947 is in force, although in 2004 changes to it have been made it still is not adequate to the cur