World Casino Article List

Casinos and gambling in Philippines

Philippines have aspirations to be one of the Asians powers in the gambling industry. Seeing the successes which are achieved in gambling by Macau or Singapore Philippines’ government does not limit access to gambling, on the contrary, it is planning to build more gambling entertainment complexes, which will attract tourists.

Astoria Casino in Kazakhstan

After changes from 2007, and introduction of new gambling law, the number of legal casinos in Kazakhstan decreased drastically. It was the result of introducing only two zones, where gambling is legal - Kapchagay and Schuchinsk. Kapchagay, located close to Almaty, offers gambling lovers  entertainments and much emotion in luxurious Astoria Casino.

City of Dreams Macau in China

Special Administrative Region - chinese Macau - is known around the world as “Asian Las Vegas”. Among many grand, luxurious casinos, there is casino City of Dreams which offers players top-class entertainment and may compete boldly with the greatest casinos of Las Vegas.

Casinos and gambling in in Argentina

Argentina is a gambling leader in South America. There are more than 70 land based casinos, the largest of them is Trilenium Casino in Tigre. Habitants of this country like gambling, and luxurious Argentinian casinos are voluntary visited not only by Argentinians but players from abroad as well.

Casinos and gambling in Hungary

In Hungary there are currently three licensed land based casinos. It is not many when considering the size of a country. A curiosity and a surprise for many may be a fact that Sylvester Stallone took part in the opening of one of them.

Casino Montreal in Canada

Situated on the Notre Dame Island, Casino de Montreal is the largest casino in Canada. Casino takes up 3 buildings, from which French Pavilion and Quebec Pavilion were built for Expo 67.

Casino Baden in Austria

Baden bei Wien is one of the most exclusive spa resorts found in Austria. Casino Baden ideally matches the climate here. Situated in the city center in a beautiful palace, in addition its surrounding makes big impression on the visitors. Casino’s offer is very rich and the atmosphere in it encourages visitors to try out some games.

Casinos and gambling in Kazakhstan

In 2007 gambling industry in Kazakhstan has undergone a true revolution. New law established only two places where one can gamble legally. It contributed largely to a drastic decline in the number of legal casinos and to feed of the “grey zone” in the gambling industry.

Casinos and gambling in Egypt

In Egypt there are many forms of legal gambling. Egypt is a leader in the number of land based casinos in its region. There are several dozens of well prospering casinos which are visited by foreigners. Egypt citizens under the efficient law cannot enter these casinos.

Casinos and gambling in Slovakia

Slovakia, when compare to other European Countries is not a power of gambling, however gambling industry is not bad at all and there are several casinos throughout the country. The largest of them belong to the Estonian Olympic, but indigenous company - Casinos Slovakia - has its casinos here as well.