World Casino Article List

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore

Taking as example other Asian countries, Singapore, legalized gambling and in short amount of time, two gigantic entertainment complexes, offering casinos have appeared here. One of them is casino Resorts World Sentosa, located on an full of attraction island.

Gambling and casinos in the Republic of South Africa

In RSA there are many casino complexes which are aimed for tourists. However, thanks to rich base, which includes high end hotels, luxurious restaurants and even meeting halls, they attract business guests as well.

Casinos and gambling in Belarus

Popularity of Belarusian casinos began to grow when Russia banned gambling except in areas designated for this purpose. Therefore, most of the players in the Belarusian casinos are Russians who come to their neighbour to get some weekend entertainment.

Oracul Casino in Russia

Although Russia is the biggest country in the world, there aren’t many places to gamble here. The most popular entertainment center here is Oracul Casino located in one of 4 special gambling zones - Azov-City. Even though casino is prospering well and is visited by many guests, its owner does not rest on laurels and is planning further investments in the “Russian Las Vegas”.

Grand Casino Baden in Switzerland

Grand Casino Baden is on a must see list for everyone who is going to visit spa city in Switzerland. In the casino we will find not only broad choice of games, but also great atmosphere, thanks to which everyone enjoy’s his or her stay there.

Casinos and gambling in the Netherlands

There are 14 legal casino in the Netherlands and all of them belong to monopolist - National Foundation for the Exploitation of Casino Games - Holland Casino. In many cities you can find small places which have “Casino” in their names, but they are not real casinos, their offer is limited only to slot machines.  

Casinos and gambling in Morocco

Although Morocco is a Muslim country, most of gambling forms are legal here, existing gambling market is not big though. Moroccans like gambling and a large part of population of this country is involved in them, but because of fear of negative effects of gambling, opinions that it should be limited are heard more often.

Martingale - one of the most common systems used while playing roulette and blackjack

Martingale played on roulette and blackjack gives a lot of benefits to players. Game strategy often applied by players.

History of Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular card game often called “Bond’s game”, because famous English Agent 007 played it in many of his adventures. Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games, its name derives from a word similar in meaning to “zero” - zero is value of tens, queens, jacks and kings in this game.

Systems for roulette games

Interesting system used by player in land based casinos. Roulette system to used only in land based casinos. Bet where others do not play.