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Roulette - general rules

The present form of roulette has been invented in 1645 by French scientist Blaise Pascal who has worked on the laws of probability. At the very beginning there was a variant that consisted of 36 numbers from 1-36. Almost two hundred year later, Louis Blanc together with his brother added one more number -0- so the casino would have a percentage advantage over the player. The borthers have founded the first casino in Monaco as well. In the United States on the other hand double zero -00- was added in order to reduce the percentage advantage over the player. On the American roulette numbers are arranged in different order when compared to the European one, of course, the principle of alternation of red and black numbers is kept.

INGO Casino Franzensbad in Czech Republic

INGO Casino Franzensbad is located near the border with Germany in Frantiskovy Lazne, a city made of the so called spa triangle. It is located in antique building and it attracts guests with inimitable atmosphere, and rich history, personas such as Emperor Francis I, Otto von Bismarck and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in honor of which a restaurant located in the building was made, were visiting it.

Casino Lisboa in Portugal

Casino Lisboa, located in the capital of Portugal is one of the largest casinos in Europe. Opened in 2006, Casino Lisboa is in Estoril Sol Group, in which world gambling potent - Stanley Ho - has shares. He is also the owner of a casino with the same name, located in Macau.

Gambling and casinos in Sweden

In Sweden there are only 4 legal casinos and all of them belong to state-owned company. Swedish gambling law is not mild either. Because of the fight against negative effects of gambling laws are very tighten up.

Casinos and gambling in Lithuania

Currently in Lithuania only gambling in land based casinos is legal. There are 17 of them on the country’s territory. Online gambling is to be regulated, however, it is not a problem for players which are using oversees casino pages which are fully available in Lithuania.  

Casinos and gambling in Czech Republic

Gambling is a popular form of entertainment in Czech Republic. Although as of now law regarding gambling is insufficient to regulate the market and needs changes especially in the zone of online gambling. On the other hand there are over 180 land based casinos in the Czech Republic. It is estimated that Czech Republic is second in the world country which has the largest number of slot machines per one resident.

Casinos and gambling in Canada

Currently gambling is legal in Canada in almost all provinces which regulate it themselves on their territories. Also here one of the most famous companies which addresses regulating and licensing persons from gambling industry - Kahnawake Gaming Commission -  was created.

Basic rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is as popular in casino as roulette, what is more important in this game we have greater mathematical chances to win. In Blackjack we use from 1 to 8 card decks, each deck has 52 cards. It has to be noted from the beginning that the more card decks are used, the grater chance to win has casino. Before starting the game it is worth to ask dealer how many card decks are used at a given table.

Casinos and gambling in Monaco

Not only America can be proud of its gambling capital. In Europe, it is without a doubt, the district of the Principality of Monaco - Monte Carlo. WHile Monaco is the second smallest country after the Vatican in the world, luxurious casinos and peaceful atmosphere may bring in ming the largest casinos in Las Vegas and Macau.  

History of Roulette

The roulette wheel is still the first association that emerges when we hear “casino”. There is nothing to be surprised about because roulette has been called the “Queen of casinos”. It is known and played around the world in both land based and online casinos. Anyone who ever visits a casino should try his or her luck in this game.