World Casino Article List

Casinos and gambling in Greece

Greece is one of those places in the world where gambling appeared first. The roots of gambling date back to ancient times, when the inhabitants of the Greek polis played dice massively. Today, gambling is legal in 9 licensed casinos on the territory of Greece.

Win in Mega Moolah Slot - brakes online world record

A dream of another player came true - the highest jackpot in the history of Internet casinos, over 17 million euro, was hit.

Casinos and gambling in Macau (China)

In China gambling is prohibited. The only exceptions are Macau and Hong Kong, two Special Administrative Regions of China, where you can gamble legally. Macau is famous around the world as a “Monte Carlo of the East” or “Asian Las Vegas” because the economy of the regions in largely based on the gambling and attracts players mainly from mainland China, which make up more than half of all the casino guests in Macau, and generate huge profits.

Casino Campione d’Italia

Casino is located in a special place - Italian enclave on the territory of Switzerland. Casino’s building is grand, modern and specious, located at the Lugano lakeside. Unique atmosphere makes players want to come back here.

Aspers Casino London in UK

Aspers Casino London belongs to Aspers casino chain and is a leading gambling centre in the UK’s capital. Casino offer in terms of games, gastronomic, culinary and culture is very rich. Also the location of the casino in very convenient - located in the Westfield Stratford City’s shopping complex which is one of the largest of such kind in Europe.

Casino Bad Wiessee in Germany

Casino Bad Wiessee is a place that provides entertainment and excitement to people relaxing in a quiet resort in the Alps. Tourists from all over the world come to this small town located 50km south of Munich every season. Located nearby a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains which provide it with a unique atmosphere.

Casinos and Gambling in Latvia

Latvia experienced a true gambling boom after breaking away from Russia, however later changes in the legal system had significantly stopped it. Currently in Latvia there are over 300 places which offer gambling, several dozens of them are casinos, other are game rooms.

Casinos and Gambling in Singapore

Singapore did not want to stay behind neighboring countries and decided to legalize gambling and realize big plan of government which premised building  two entertainment centers with casinos. In this way, in 2010 in Singapore 2 casinos were set up. One of them - Casino Marina Bay Sands which is located in breathtaking building with a famous, representative swimming pool at the roof.

Casinos and Gambling in Switzerland

Switzerland is an attractive place of Europe’s map for gambling lovers. This small country has quite a number of land based casinos for its area. We will find here casinos known and appreciated throughout the year.

Casinos and Gambling in Germany

Even though German law regarding gambling is rather strict there are many casinos which boast of popularity and recognition around the world. The oldest German casino Baden-Baden is qualified by Forbes to the first 10 of the best casinos in the world.