World Casino Article List

Casinos and Gambling in Finland

Even though gambling history in Finland is long, we will not find many casinos here. Currently there is only one legal casino in Finland located in the country’s capital. Finns prefer online gambling over land based casinos.

Casinos and Gambling in Russia

The history of gambling in Russia reaches back to the Middle Ages. Already in 14th and 15th century church imposed penalties on people for gambling. Ground breaking were the times of reign of Tsar Alexander II and Nicholas II - gambling flourished and casinos were opened on the mass scale. Than people started to fight against gambling again.

Casinos and Gambling in Estonia

Gambling industry in Estonia is rather young. Gambling has been legalized here only after gaining independence by the country. Than casinos started to develop rapidly along with game rooms which number went down drastically after the introduction of new gambling law.

Casinos and Gambling in Denmark

Although the number of land based casinos in Denmark is not very high, gambling in this country is flourishing. Thanks to liberated regulations regarding gambling online gambling market developed quickly. Thanks to it overseas operators can compete with local ones.

Casinos and Gambling in Portugal

Portugal attracts gambling lovers with its 11 casinos, the most of which belong to two big operators: Estoril Sol Group and Solverde Group. Modern and luxurious Casino Lisboa belongs to Estoril Sol and is among the world 10 biggest casinos.

Casinos and Gambling in Australia

Gambling is an essential element of Australian culture. Not without a reason Australians are called nation of gamblers - 80% of citizens are in some way active in some gambling activity. It is the highest rating in the world. Players from Australia may play in several casinos located throughout the country and on Australian cruise liners.

Casinos and Gambling in France

France in terms of number of terrestrial casinos is among the European countries. Casinos are located in most major cities in the country, but most casinos are to be found in the national capital that is in Paris and in the coastal resorts. France also has a rich history associated with gambling - popular worldwide roulette and blackjack were born here.  

Casinos and Gambling in Italy

Italy undoubtedly belongs to those countries that have a long and interesting history of gambling. This is because it goes back to the Roman Empire, in which the emperors played in the oldest gambling game in the world - dice.

Casinos and Gambling in Poland

In Poland there are currently 40 legal casino. Most of them are situated in hotels. The oldest operator in Poland is a company Casinos Poland which has been introduced in 1988. Other operators on polish market include Orbis Casino Group and Olympic Entertainment Group.

Casinos and Gambling in Bulgaria

Although Bulgaria is not among the richest countries, gamble is growing there extremely fast. Each year a number of issued permits to open new casinos is growing which contributes to an increase in the number of players as well. Current law favours the development of gambling in Bulgaria, moreover Bulgarian casinos attract players from Russia, Israel and Arabic countries.